PersonalFit Japan team is happy to provide you the following services.

A Personal Trainer costs money, for sure, so does your financial expert, attorney and doctor. Time is money and we are here to save you some by doing things right, making you healthier, far less prone to health situations and above all prevent you from getting injured while training. Our plan prices are tax included and a pack is valid one year from it's purchase date.

Plans and packages


  • Test our services and get your fitness assessment done by our trainers


  • Book us for one 60mins session


  • Most popular, best value
  • 10 x 60mins for ¥90,000
  • Workout plan provided
  • Nutrition advisement
  • Bring a friend at no extra charge


  • Limited Offer
  • 20 x 60mins for ¥170,000
  • Workout plan provided
  • Nutrition advisement
  • Bring a friend at no extra charge

Payment process :

Payment is to be made by bank transfer or cash for single session or packages.

*Cancellation policy : Please tell us at least 24h before and your session will be rescheduled. Failure to give a notice in time will incur the cost of the session. *Refund policy :Refund is available for the whole remainder of your credit money if you are willing to stop, at any time, by bank transfer only. If a 10 session pack is taken and the desires to stop after the 6th session, the trainee gets a refund on 4 sessions within 3 business days.

Why choose us


PersonalFit Coach are certified specialist in fitness also able to advise you on nutrition, providing you the service you should expect from a fitness and health expert.
Provide yourself peace of mind, working out in a fully equipped private gym and no crowd.


No hidden fee such as inscription or registration fee, our prices are tax included. Look around for qualified personal trainers of the same level, declared and insured, our prices are competitive. All this with a fully equipped studio ready to meet your needs. We also provide workout plan at no extra cost with our package offers, as well as nutrition advising.


Most of our sessions are conducted at our Studio located in Ebisu Hiroo area, but other locations such as your home or your building’s gym may be an option. Please contact us in that regard. Aside from English personal training, session can also be conducted in French or Japanese.o


We deliver and try ourselves everything we advise.


We tailor and customize your workouts and workout plans based on your fitness level, mobility, as well as your goals and equipment available at your disposal. The assessment session will help us determine where we start and if you wish to continue with us.