PersonalFit Japan was born in 2014 in Tokyo, based on the idea of recruiting staff both working in the model industry and being certified personal trainers. We had the idea to provide a different vision over fitness to anybody willing to make a positive life change. Following are the foundations of PersonalFit Japan, our concept.

Integrated Fitness Lifestyle and Keeping you motivated
This is our motto, we genuinely believe in fitness but we know that for some individuals many considerations are holding them back. We craft custom made programs, based on our trainee's schedule and available equipment at their disposal, so to not hinder their occupations and hobbies, while allowing them to maintain good habit. This way, fitness can be sustained as an element of their life in the long run, ultimately driving to a better self. We are here to help you get the best of yourself and make sure that what you are doing is optimal, fun and matching your expectations. Making sports an uplifting challenge rather than a chore.

The Five Principle Physical Components of Fitness that PersonalFit trainers follow:


Cardiovascular endurance is a mandatory component of physical fitness. When your muscles need oxygen, your cardiovascular system must be able to efficiently deliver them. When waste products have to be expelled, your heart-lung complex must be up to the task.


Resistance training aids to develop our musculoskeletal system, which gives us the ability to physically move using our muscles and bones.
Our core is used through most motions we make, and this includes walking. A strong core will help overall strength and safer training as it help stabilizing oneself.


The ability to flex, extend, and move through the intended range of motion(ROM) of your body should be absolutely preserved or enhanced. We care for mobility and flexibility to ensure proper motion and prevent injury.


Should provide the six major nutrients mandatory to remain healthy and active: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.
This is why we would never advise any fad diet lacking in any of the above.


We care for your happiness! For us fitness is a solution, a window to a better version of you and all of that has to be powered by good energy, that we are willing to share with you.