Frequently asked questions

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I’m already going to the gym, why have a personal trainer?

Nowadays, there are enough information online to educate oneself in regards to the basics of training, to the point this overflow of information may very well confuse anyone not having the time to dive in for the correct information in regards to their own goals.

We are here to help you sort it out, providing you with the best possible plan fitting your schedule, lifestyle, body morphology, current fitness level and equipment available to you.

For the more experienced, helping you overcome plateau, adding novelty to workouts that may start to bore you, correcting form, or for some, the sole fact of not training alone and having someone to push you out of the comfort zone.

If you still have doubt, the fastest way is to try it out.

Should I come to your gym?

For maximum flexibility, meeting at our private studio will provide a wider range of time slot selection. If schedule allows, we are willing to meet in your building's gym or even your own place if you have enough room. Some trainees happen to have their own home gym setup and we are fine with that.

How often should I train?

That’s the big thing about training, and the exact reason why trainers exist, everybody is different, with different schedules, metabolism, living habits, daily exercise level. In general, 3 times a week is safe to be advised. We consider an exercise session to last 45mins to 1h. One of these hours should be supervised by a personal trainer for optimal results in order to assess your evolution and adapt training, cycles and nutrition according to your goals.

What to expect other than the training itself?

With the purchase of a training session package, personalized workout plans are provided, to allow our trainees to continue following the routine. If training 4 times a week but only twice with us, the workout plan will cover what should be done on your own on the remaining two workouts, this based on the equipment at your disposal (gym, equipment
at home, body weight only, etc.)

How much does it cost?

Please review our price policy.

How much for the first consultation?

Please review our price policy, we sometimes offer big discounts on this one.

I never had a personal trainer, what will happen on the trial first workout session?

First lesson is usually the assessment, taken at our location. It lasts a bit less than an hour. During the course of this lesson, trainer will check your medical history, assess your endurance level via dedicated exercises and take your measurements.

When will I see results?

For the unconditioned trainee, we usually build up a reinforcement program first to gently but surely prepare the body to serious workout. Results are observed on average within a month. From that moment on trainer and trainee will work together to make it to the trainee’s goal. You should expect to see results on the scale or measurements every week if you follow the program properly.

I have a medical condition, is it safe for me?

We are trained to deal with medical conditions such as hypertension, orthopedic limitations, diabetes, arthritis, coronary heart disease, pregnancy (which is quite a lucky condition), asthma. Every condition has different guidelines and we know them specifically. This is true also for the training of the elder or young people. Some conditions may require to get a clearance from your physician.

I can’t make it for our next session

We are sorry about that, please tell us at least 24h before and your session will be rescheduled. Failure to give a notice in time will incur the cost of the session.

What if I get injured?

This is a natural concern, but the whole point of working with certified personal trainers is to train in the most efficient and safe way as possible, using clean proper form and balance. In the extremely rare case an incident occurs, our insurance will cover you. Check around, no self proclaimed “trainer” is insured, we provide you this safety and peace of mind.

What is your refund policy?

If you do not wish to continue for any given reason (moving abroad etc), we refund you the whole remainder of your credit money, at any time, by bank transfer only.

What should I bring?

Clothing you can freely move in.
Indoor training shoes, but barefoot works fine too.

But I do not want to get big!?

Resistance training, with a proficient certified trainer is the fastest way to build a solid body base. It does not necessarily mean getting big, but in any case to give your body a better shape and the ability to deal with heavier loads. We will adjust your diet so that you do not get bigger than desired.